The oil farm "S. Giovanni Battista" is a partnership established in 1969. It boasts at present 170 olive growers, the only suppliers of all pressed olives. These olives are exclusive to the town of Colletorto , which is located in the Molise region. Colletorto is geographically placed in a medium hilly area, specifically dedicated to the cultivation of olives.
Taking a look from the "Angioina tower", which predominates the village, one can admire all the rows of the area, where the partners of the San Giovanni Battista oil farm take the olives, which are skilfully turned in the extra virgin olive oil from Colletorto. Every year, an average of 15.000 tons of olives are produced from an area covering around 500 hectares (60.000 trees). A share of this production is achieved in accordance with the principles of supplemented and/or biological cultivation, with all due respect to the native ecosystem and the strictest environmental principles.

The olives, whose prevailing variety is the black olive from Colletorto, are harvested manually and/or by mechanical means. These procedures are carried out with care in order to ensure that the olives do not come into contact with the surrounding soil.
Once collected, the olives are transported to the oil mill in well-aired cases and are pressed within 24 hour from being picked.
The grinding of the olives entails a continuous modern system that involves the extraction of the oil in 3 stages, ensuring a constant controlled temperature (less than 27°C for extra virgin oils and less than 25°C for oils that carry the letters of distinction D.O.P on their labels). This method allows for a perfect separation of the oil from the by-products (husks and vegetation water).
The preservation of olive oil and its bottling is also undertaken in a distinctive manner by using nitrogen, which effectively lowers the processes of oxidation by decreasing the free oxygen. The whole process - from the cultivation to the bottling of the olive oil - is all documented, and precise records are kept in order to ensure a reliable and precise tracing system. The working process and the whole factory strictly observe all safety regulations. Moreover, the partnership has been awarded a prestigious certificate for maintaining a very high quality system UNI EN ISO 9001:00.

We guarantee 170 times our products
I 170 soci sono gli unici fornitori delle olive molite

Elenco soci e consiglio di amministrazione:

President: Antonio Nasillo
Vice Presidente: Nicodemo De Simone
Consiglieri: Campanelli Salvatore, Di Palma Giuseppe Antonio, Di Palma Gaetano, Fontana Saverio, Lepore Teodoro, Piunno Mario, Rocco Fiore Pasquale.
ALOIA Amabile Anna ALOIA Teodoro Luciano, ALOIA Vincenzo,ASTORE Ermelinda,BARANELLI Luigi Mario,BOLLELLA Michele Teodoro, BOLLELLA Pierdomenico, BOLLELLA Francesca, CALISTO Antonio, CAMPANELLI Giovanni 1949, CAMPANELLI Arnaldo Michele, CAMPANELLI Pardo, CAMPANELLI Sante, CAMPANELLI Salvatore, CAMPANELLI Lino, CAPPIELLO Maria, CASSETTA Severino, CESARIO Francesca, CINIGLIO Caterina, COCCARO Domenico Antonio, COLOMBO Angelo, CORDONE Laura Incoronata, CORMANO Maria Cristina, DE GIROLAMO Antonio, DE GIROLAMO Pasqualino, DE GIROLAMO Antonietta, DE SIMONE Nicodemo, DEL CONTE Maria Grazia, DI CESARE Giovanni Michele, DI CESARE Pasquale Antonio, DI FALCO Francesco, DI IORIO Diana, DI MONTE Elena, DI PALMA Antonietta, DI PALMA Gaetano 1941, DI PALMA Gaetano Michele 49, DI PALMA Gaetano 1961, DI PALMA Giovanni Ant. 1952, DI PALMA Giuseppe Antonio, DI PALMA Michele 1929, DI PALMA Michele 1950, DI PALMA Rufino, DI PALMA Teodoro Vincenzo, DI PALMA Luigi, DI PALMA Teodoro, DI RENZO Maria Teresa, DI RENZO Angelo, DI ROSA Giuseppe, DI ROSA Antonio, DI SANTO Angela, DI SANTO Maria Giuseppina, D'ONOFRIO Antonio Rodolfo, D'ONOFRIO Michele Vitt. 35, D'ONOFRIO Antonio, D'ONOFRIO Pasquale 1951, D'ONOFRIO Pasquale 1941, D'ONOFRIO Raffaele, D'ONOFRIO Franco, D'ONOFRIO Rosaria, D'ONOFRIO Rita, D'ONOFRIO Ermelinda, D'ONOFRIO Carmela & Figlie SS, D'ONOFRIO Vincenzo, FANTETTI Maria Libera, FARESE Annamaria Filomena, FARINACCIO Fernando, FERRANTE Carmela, FERRANTE Raffaele, FERRANTE Antonietta, FERRANTE Genoeffa Loreta, FERRANTE Maria Laura, FERRANTE Maria Giuseppa, FONTANA Giovanni 1975, FONTANA Giovanni 1955, FONTANA Michele, FONTANA PIETRONIRO Gaetano, FORTE Antonio 1964, FORTE Antonio Palmerino, FORTE Michelino, FORTE Palmieri Giuseppe, FORTE Teodoro, FORTE Silvana, FORTE Carmelina, FRANCO Giovanni, FRATINO Andrea, FRATINO Michele GALLUCCI Elisa, GELSI Giuseppina, GENTILE Gaetano, GENTILE Gennaro, GERMANO Maria Laura, GIANGIACOMO Gabriella, GIANNUBILO Maria Assunta, GIULIANO Pasquale, LEPORE Maria Addolorata, LEPORE Milva, LEPORE Teodoro 1972, LEPORE Teodoro Fern.63, MASTRANTONIO Anna, MASTRANTONIO Alessandro, MASTRANTONIO Luigi, MASTROGIACOMO Michele, MOSCHILLO Laura Clara, MUCCIACCIO Antonella, MUCCIACCIO Giuseppina Fior., MUCCIACCIO Michele, MUCCIGROSSO Augusta, NALLI Luciano, NALLI Matteo, NASILLO Angelo Giuseppe, NASILLO Giovanni 1947, NASILLO Giovanni 1955, NASILLO Antonio, NASILLO Michele, NASILLO Davide, NASILLO Michele 1989, NATO Sante Paolo, NATO Giuseppe, NATO Sante Michele, ORSOGNA Annamaria Chiar., PARADISO Giuseppina, PARADISO Teodoro, PARADISO Antonio 1933, PARADISO Francesco, PARADISO Michele Angelo, PARADISO Luigi Michele, PARADISO Antonio 1965, PARADISO Fernando, PARADISO Vincenzo, PARENTE Giuseppe, PASQUALE Celestino, PETTI Nunzio, PETTI Michele 1951, PETTI Rino, PIETRONIGRO Filomena, PIETRONIRO Giuseppe, PIETRONIRO Teodoro, PIETRONIRO Vincenzo 09.39, PILLA Rosanna, PILLA Carolina, PIUNNO Mario, PORRAZZO Gina, PORRAZZO Giuseppe, RAMACCIATO Nicola, RITUCCI Sandra, RITUCCI Teodoro Michele, RITUCCI Anna, RITUCCI Laura Clementina, ROCCO Maria Domenica, ROCCO Annibale, ROCCO Fiore Pasquale, ROMANO Giuseppe Raffaele, RUSSO Teodorina, RUSSO Fernando, SAMUELE Antonino, SCALERA Michele, SCALERA Teodoro, SIMONE Domenico, SIMONE Annunziata Maria, SOCCI Michele, SOCCI Maria Assunta, Società Agricola Fontana carni, SPINA Domenico, SPINA Michelina, SPINA Luca, TAMARO Michele Antonio, TORZILLO Concetta, TOSTO Albano, ZEULI Felice, ZEULI Enzo.