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The fruit of our land

The olive oil produced in the town of Colletorto holds all the best characteristics of an excellent extra virgin olive oil.
It is the result of skillful teamwork, that all begins with the careful nurturing of the olive groves, which in turn is followed by the harvest whereby the olives are picked when they are ripe and in their full color. This is then terminated with the pressing of the olives: this process is carried out with the most modern and reliable technologies.

In the Colletorto area grow three kinds of olives: the Rumignana, the Provenzana and the Oliva Nera. The Oliva Nera is native of Colletorto and is the most used kind of olive (80% of the pressed olives) in our plant. As well as the Rumignana and the Provenzana, the Oliva Nera is a typical variety that grows in optimum conditions, thanks to the micro climate of the area. These characteristics allow us to have pride in the quality of our olive oil.
This extra virgin oil is characterized by its exclusive typicalness: it exists only here, in the countryside of Colletorto.

Based on a study (conducted by the Università degli studi del Molise, from 2006 to 2009, involving 18 different kinds of olives from the region) on the structural and productive characteristics of olive farming in Molise, we can affirm that the Oliva Nera from Colletorto is the best resistant against the attacks from parasites. Therefore, we have been able to drastically reduce the use of pesticides and chemical products, focusing on a farming respectful of the environment and of the biodynamic equilibrium. Following the same study, we can also say that our oil is highly resistant to oxidation and is able to keep intact for a long time its analytic and organoleptic qualities. To assure to our customers the best product, we adopt the most advanced technologies, from the harvest to the packaging.

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